Anti-fatigue bath or " Katrafay-ball"


Katrafay ball"Cedrelopsis grevei"


"Fatigue, joint pain"



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Vernacular name:  Katrafay ball

Scientific name: "Cedrelopsis grevei"

Part : Barks


Astringent, painkiller, anti-rheumatism, Katrafay is a mild stimulant and a good astringent.

In Madagascar, Katrafay is used:

Against joint, muscle and back pain
For humans as a sexual fortifier,
For the woman in herbal tea to help restore the female organs after childbirth and in the vaginal use to tighten the women's organs.


in herbal tea:

remove the raffia from the ball, and put in a 15 min decoction, a few pieces of Katrafay bark for half a liter of water, you can even use it later for a second time . Drink three cups a day.

in the bath:

put the Katrafay ball in a few liters of water with a handful of salt, and make a decoction (boil) 30 min. Let cool, sift and pour into a sit bath or a full body bath. Stay there for at least 30 minutes. You can use the decoction without the salt for a  after the shower rinsing. It makes the skin soft and acts as an excellent astringent.

in vaginal douche:

prepare a decoction (more concentrated than the herbal tea) (dark color) and use with an enema bulb in the vaginal douche.

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