Tropical Basil, The oil that relieves cramps and offers a new perspective.

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The oil that relieves cramps and offers a new perspective. During summertime we eat more raw vegetables and sometimes end up tormented by a bloated stomach or cramps in the evening.


The essential oil:

Rich in methyl chavicol, a neuroregulator  with antispasmodic properties, tropical basil essential oil helps digestion, prevents acid regurgitation, relieves spasms, relieves gas, hiccups, nausea and other digestive discomforts. In synergy with Khella essential oil (Amni visnaga plant), aswell as Ravensara anisata, it helps relieve the spasms of renal colic or asthma attacks.

It’s fresh and aniseed smell  has a positive effect on mental health and sleep, calms stress and anxiety. It is recommended for mild to moderate depression or mental overload. Digestive or menstrual problems can be relieved by massaging the affected areas of the abdomen if the basil oil is well diluted with a neutral vegetable oil. It also relieves muscle spasms.


Contraindications :

Not recommended during pregnancy ,breastfeeding and in hormone-dependent cancers even if they are already cured. This oil is not used pure on the skin.


Other ideas:

“Elske Miles” advises using it to alleviate jet lag because this basil regulates the rhythm of life.

“Danté” recommends it to regulate excessive or total lack of sexual desire… I think

it is an oil which calms and gives the necessary peace to find ourselves and our bodies again. It gives us zest for life when we are depressed and the necessary calm to find our true impulses.


The resulting feeling of calm supports good concentration for studies and work.

Thanks to its anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory effects, it can be used to treat hay fever and other allergies.


All these references testify that in Chinese medicine it regulates our earth energy (spleen/pancreas and stomach).


FOR A TUMMY MASSAGE: (in case of colic or menstrual cramps) :

In a 50ml bottle, add 5ml castor oil and 40ml moringa oil.

20 drops of tropical basil

20 drops of ylang ylang

10 drops Hey Romba

Mix everything and massage the abdomen. Then put a towel and a comfortably warm hot water bottle on the top.

Oral ingestion :

For digestive cramps:

After meals, take two drops of tropical basil essential oil in a capsule from DRCAOS or on a neutral substance (sugar or honey, etc.)

For premenstrual syndrome:

Take 3 drops of tropical basil essential oil from day 15 of the first days of menstruation to the first day of menstruation in a DRCAPS. Repeat this during 3 cycles.

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