Herbal tea Lambohenjana

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A plant not endemic in Madagascar. The herbal tea made from this root is sold daily on the streets of Antananarivo under the name “Mangidy” (recipe with two other ingredients).


Traditional knowledge:

Lambohenjana is known for its potency-increasing properties. (Its decoction is also recommended in moments of great fatigue and during physical exertion. ).



Science about Lambohenjana?

A student wrote her doctoral thesis on this topic. (1) It confirms the virtues attributed to this plant in traditional Malagasy medicine to combat physical fatigue. According to numerous stress tests on mice, lanbohenjana delays muscle fatigue after exercise. This effect is due to carbohydrates and polyphenolic, anti-radical and anti-inflammatory substances.


In the daily life of the Malagasy people: 

We rarely find Lanbohenjana as the only ingredient in an herbal tea. But malagasys drink every day "Mangidy" in the streets of Tana , a “bitter” herbal tea, as the name suggests. A combination of herbal tea and macerate, with lambohenjana, katrafay and aferotany, which support electrolytes, especially potassium, and allow good cardiac muscle endurance.


For someone who pulls carts filled with bricks or large sacks of rice, or for a man who transports passengers in his rickshaw all day in Antsirabe, it is an essential drink for physical endurance.





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