Discover the benefits of vetiver tea

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Vetiver herbal tea

         Helps in case of flue

         Perfumes our body fluids and vapors (sweat, breath, vaginal fluid)

         Protects against cystitis

         Relieves menstrual pain and produces a regular flow

         Strengthens the immune system (tea and essential oil)

         Stimulates the pancreas, liquefies thick mucus and drains it.

         Recommanded for Vata type (too much Vata, leads to dry skin and wrinkles)

  •    In case of acne:  wash the face with the vetiver decoction,
  •   for beauty masks: grind the roots in powder and mix it with floral water and leave to dry as a face mask
  •   As a hair conditioner: Use the vetiver decoction as a conditioner against loss of hair and thin hair. Add aloe gel to increase the effect 


As room fragance

• Gives a feeling of wellbeing of security and protection

• Helps to feel calm and grounding while meditating


Here you will find vetiver herbal tea and vetiver oil :

Arom & Sens, essential oils pure and organic

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