Centella asiatica, Gotu kola or Talapetraka

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Centella asiatica, Gotu kola or Talapetraka


"A small herb that hides big surprises"

Main lines


Known as GOTU KOLA, is called in Malagasy "Talapetraka" (= tahala = space, petraka = sitting, flat). Grows on parting paths of rice fields, and allows by building a “herbal-carpet” by its roots that thisone doesn’t collapse.


In the two great traditional medicines (3-4000 ans) gotu kola is well known:

It is highly acclaimed in Ayurvedic medicine as a type of adaptogenic plant, an herb that hels meditators in achieving enlightenment. Also as a "fountain of youth" of connective and brain tissue as well as memory. It is said to promote concentration and have a calming effect. She helps people who are frighten by  little noise , because they are constantly ”on the edge”  never get any rest. In Chinese medicine, similar virtues, particularly longevity, are attributed to gotu kola (centella). (1)

What does it look like ?

Centella creeps like ivy, but its stems weave finer, more flexible, and soft carpets. It has long roots that form a web like vetiver, but more fine and flexible. To attribute a "signature" to it, we could speak of a plant that communicates, binds and transmits, forming the bridge like our connective tissues, nerves and the finest tissues of collagen and fibrogen. (1)(6)


Its numerous healing effects ?

Cellular regeneration :Wound healing (known as a powder for wounds called "Madecassol"), anti-wrinkle, anti-psoriasis, anti-cellulite,

Cardioprotective: promotes microcirculation and regenerates blood vessels (angiogenesis) and brain tissue.

Neuroprotective: Increases memory and protects against degenerative brain processes. Calms, mild adaptogen, protects and strengthens the adrenal glands, anxiolytic, infectious , especially in the gastrointestinal tract (1)

Science tell us about this herb :

A study proved that its infusion calmed aggression and nervousness and stabilized "mood", promoted concentration and created a feeling of security. On the other hand, in this study, the effect on memory and cognition was not sufficient and should be deepened by more randomized studies. (2)

Good news about Centella asiatica "Talapetraka", its Malagasy variant:

 Its richness in asiaticoside (3-5x higher than the Indian variety) with anti-radical effectiveness and twice as much anti-elastase (allowing the skin to regain its firmness) (3)

 For more studies on the efficacy and risks of using Centella asiatica extracts on wounds, pleas see studies (4) and (5).

How to prepare Talapetraka :

- Infusion, 5-10 min., drink 2 teaspoons of the plant (3 cups per day) in the afternoon and evening

- Tincture:  fill a glasscontainer with the dried herb and just cover it with alcool  (vodka, gin or other), soak for 1-3 weeks and take  for 10-15 drops in water a day


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