Discover the katafray in oil and herbal tea

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Joints, tendons and muscles

• A decoction of the bark as a full or hip bath including a massage soothes inflammation of the joints, sciatic nerve and tendons.

• Katrafay oil in a massage 5-20% mixed with a vegetable oil like Moringa or Arnica. (If you do not exceed 20% essential oil in the total, you can add Wintergreen oil or Eucalyptus citriodora oil.)


• The Katrafay decoction used as a rinse after showering makes the skin soft and silky

• In case of psoriasis (5% Katrafay with 95% Calophyllum or St. John's wort vegetable oil) gently rub into the affected areas. Katrafay has a excellent ability to calm the nerve endings.


• The Katrafay decoction is used in Malagasy tradition to cleanse and disinfect the vaginal zone (

vaginal shower)  and to close the cervix.

• In the same way, it is also used against venereal diseases by traditional healers.

As a strengthening tea and coffee substitute

Katrafay bark is one of the ingredients in the famous "Mangidy", the traditional , invigorating herbal tea, that is sold in the streets of Antananarivo (Katrafay, Lambojana, Aferotany). A study showed that Katrafay is a modulator of heart contraction and a good vasodilator. (RAZANADIMBY research)

• used against worm infestation and malaria

• enhances strength and potency

(In oncology and neurology studies have been done on Katrafay)

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