Cloves 100 G


CLOVE (fruit)

It is a dried flower bud.

Ideal for raising dishes and flavoring sauces, terrines and gingerbread.

Cloves go well with honey, soy sauce, nutmeg and dried fruits like fig and almonds.



Stimulates smooth muscles, prepares childbirth, and cleans diseases of the small pelvis, ideal for sore throat and teeth, anesthetic, cauterizing. Calm the intestinal and anti-insect fermentations.


If time is bad, make an infusion of clove and use it as a mouthwash to avoid throataching.

To stay awake, put some cloves in your black tea, to help you keeping the mind clear.


Gew a colve like a gum from time to time, to limit bad breath and to prevent dental infections .

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